What is OKAY?

Online Kidding Around Yoga. What could be better than a Live KAY training? Well, nothing really. But for those of you who are experienced in Yoga and can’t get to a live training, OKAY is a great alternative that you can do anywhere in the world! OKAY is an integrated approach to kids yoga teacher training that will prepare you to teach not just asana, but games, activities, deep relaxation, meditation, and so much more. When you are done with this fun and engaging training, you will be fully prepared and certified to teach Kidding Around Yoga classes. OKAY is also now available in Spanish!

How does OKAY work?

You will follow the online curriculum at your own pace in order to master the amazing KAY program. In no time, you will be teaching your own fabulous children’s yoga classes. Included in the program are over 50 original KAY songs with detailed instruction and video on how to incorporate them into your classes. Kids love this music and all of the moving and grooving, jumping and dancing, sun-saluting, and wild fun it brings, all while doing yoga!
There are over 170 videos in the self-paced modules as well as discussions, the KAY manual, and… you guessed it… OM-work. You will have continued access to our active forum with our helpful mentors and fellow students. At the end of the program, you will either video yourself or Skype with a mentor in order to teach an entire Kidding Around Yoga class in 30 minutes. Read more about our Requirements, Certification and Frequently Asked Questions.

Want to know exactly how our training works? Check out our sample training.

Who is OKAY for?

Anyone! With a little Yoga experience and a desire to share the love of Yoga with kids, you have what it takes to be a Kidding Around Yoga teacher. (Click HERE for our full requirements.) Whether you want to start your own kids yoga empire or just impart the benefits of Yoga to the children in your life, OKAY training will fully prepare you to lead FUN kids yoga classes with extra activities, songs, and guided meditation/deep relaxation. This training can boost your career and change your life. Want to know how? Check out our testimonials!

How much does OKAY cost?

The full lifetime-accessible OKAY program, colleague forum and more is $395 USD (Payment Plans available when you register). The fun begins as SOON as you sign up.

What will I learn?

OKAY covers all things KAY. Anything you would learn at a live training, you will find here.

Here’s what you will learn during your online training:

  • Games and 50+ original KAY songs
  • Easy class planning using our amazing class outline
  • Behavior management techniques
  • Age appropriate activities for 2-17 year olds
  • 80+ asanas appropriate to our songs and games
  • Yogic philosophy, Pranayama, meditation and chanting
  • Tips for Family, Mommy & Me, Babies, Teens, and Classroom yoga
  • Partner Yoga
  • Teaching Yoga in various environments
  • Physical contraindications of poses
  • Deep relaxation/guided meditation for kids… The Secret Garden
  • How to run a successful kids yoga business
  • Yoga birthday parties and day camps
  • Watch a few videos of various trainers in the KAY family teach a full class
  • Stress management for kids
  • Cookin’ with KAY… fun ways to share healthy eating habits
  • Yog-arts & crafts

YOU WILL BE A CERTIFIED KAY TEACHER! For a full list of goodies, including CEUs and secret forums, look HERE.

How do I Sign Up?

The cost of the Online-Only Training is $395 USD. A payment plan is available as well when you register. After registering, you will have immediate and lifetime access to your training.

Register for OKAY

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What should I expect after signing up?

It’s your yoga birthday! Happy dance! You may begin whenever you are ready the moment you have registered. You will be prompted to join our forum in order to get any help you need from mentors and like-minded students. Upon your graduation, you will have lifetime of access to it thereafter to review. You can work on it whenever, wherever, and however you want. Freedom is great!